Why You Should Care About Android Thin Clients

Why You Should Care About Android Thin Clients
We have actually understood about Android working on PCs a minimum of because the development of BlueStack and more just recently with the release of an x86 suitable variation of Android 4.0 ICS that can be set up on Linux, Mac and Windows systems. And we are seeing more items that press Android PCs into this business and business section. Rubbish or a trend you should continue your radar?
Of course, an Android PC is unlikely to threaten the dominance of powerful, universal x86 computer systems that carry the IT burden of today’s enterprises. As a targeted operating system that only requires modest hardware, there is certainly the thought whether Android is robust and capable enough to lead an innovation phase in the thin client segment.
The thin client segment is overdue for innovation that is aligned with cloud technology trends, which require a modern OS architecture to make sense in a world that is going through a massive change of user, software and hardware experience requirements.


At CES 2013, they showed their Q11 small PC, a compact computer system based on an extremely standard ARM processor (1 Ghz) and geared up with a 2.5-inch HDD, an incorporated battery that keeps the gadget running throughout power failures, 1080p support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, however not much else. There was no word on prices, however comparable gadgets (without a battery) are presently retailing for about $50 and the Q11 needs to definitely offer for less than $100.


There is a continuous conversation why Google truly requires 2 running systems, the browser-centric ChromeOS and Android, which we understand mainly from tablets and smartphones. While it is open to question if it is a smart idea and particularly a sustainable strategy to preserve 2 various os, there is a clear difference: ChromeOS is a “lean-forward”, content production OS and Android is a “lean-back”, content consumption OS.

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