Aplikasi SPPD atau Surat Perintah Perjalanan Dinas gratis, si KENCUR berbagi yang boleh dibagi. Bau Kencur, Software, Hardware dan Networking

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Aplikasi SPPD

Aplikasi SPPD Mini


Chmod is a shell command in unix and linux system to change file or directory permissions. For example : chmod 777 run.txt , It’s mean that we make file run.txt to be execute, readable and writeable by everyone. Selengkapnya…

Mount iso file with a shell script



So easy to mount many iso file (CD Image) in linux. I’ve done in linux.  And I’m using ubuntu 9.10. This script I use to mount an and many iso files of ubuntu repositiry at one time. Of course this script will be different with your script, according to your address of source iso files and target of destination directory for mounting. Selengkapnya…