How to Resolve the Shortcut Virus

22 November 2014 oleh Asep Sudiyono
Tips How to Resolve the Shortcut Virus is advanced tips of Tips to Prevent Malware Exposed Shortcut (Shortcut Virus), after we can prevent or at least we have tried to keep the computer / laptop / notebook and our flash drive from infected by Autorun Virus. Remember, prevention is better than cure (the doctor said : D). So what steps should we do if we have a computer and the flash drive is indicated as well as the shortcut virus infection, or in other words how we will treat the Personal Computer a.k. Computer or notebook (laptop) that have been exposed to infectious diseases autorun and has been a member of spreading the virus / malware shortcut?


To overcome the virus shortcut for some people who have advanced IT will be very easy to do, but for us who have not advanced IT then this will be a little tricky, Why like that? only god knows the answer hehehe. As before, tool or application that will be used to eradicate the virus autorun / shortcut to the host / parent is CCleaner Free version, owned by, you can get it in and for antivirus as virus scanners and blockade against shortcut and other viruses that I recommend is Avast Internet Security belongs


Once we get the applications, the next step to eradicate the autorun virus on our computer are is:
1. Install Avast Internet Security.
2. Install CCleaner.
3. Run the CCleaner application, go to the Tools tab, select the Startup menu.

Here we should be careful and observant in the search for genes or stem from autorun virus, the name a startup and file names usually memorandum or random unclear. If we can find, then right-click on the startup list and select Open Containing Folder. After explorer open and we find the host file then delete the file using the Shift key and the Delete button (pressed simultaneously). Close the explorer and go back to CCleaner, right-click again on the list of startup which we suspect to be virus host and select Open in RegEdit …, not long after Regedit will open and right click and delete the registry of the startup trigger autorun virus genes and close regedit.
4. Perform Scan using Avast Internet Security for Users directory or folder on your system drive.
To establish please scan the entire drive that is on your computer by using the Boot-time scan. Restart your PC and wait for the scan is in progress.
With these measures will autorun virus can not take place on our PC.


To eradicate the virus autorun on flash drive or flash drive, scan your flash drive using Avast internet security and to restore the folders and files that have hidden We can use Total Commander belongs applications. Open Total Commander, select Configuration, select Options, on the Display menu, please check the Show hidden / sytem files (for experts only), go to the Operation menu select Left mouse button, and then click OK. Navigate Flashdik Total Commander to drive us, then folders and files we will terhidden visible, to restore the file and folder attributes are simply select the folder and the file and click the Files menu and select Change Attributes. After the Change Attributes window opens, check / uncheck Recurse subdirectories, leave it as the attribute a, uncheck / or do not check and make sure the checklist r (read-only) empty colorless, so did the attributes h (hidden) and s (system file), then click OK !. And We will return the files.