How to Prevent Affected by Shortcut Malware (Shortcut Virus)

20 November 2014 oleh Asep Sudiyono
Tips to Prevent Malware Exposed Shortcut (Virus Shortcut)

 Malware Shortcut or partially people say as virus Shortcut  and also there are some people who call him by the name infected by Autorun virus is already a few years into the most successful viruses infect thousands or even millions of people’s flash drive in Indonesia. Not only the flash drive, the virus is actually also aims to infect or transmit the virus to your computer or Personal Computer. Type of infected by Autorun Virus is included into the type of worm or worms.

Virus Shortcut exploit files are quite often used as a trigger autorun windows of plug and play devices are disk Autorun.inf, the Autorun.inf file is deliberately created by Windows (Windows XP or Windows can be 7 or even Windows 8) that has been infected by a virus autorun, autorun virus in addition to the file also create a folder that is usually called “RECYCLER” and fill it with some of the genes worm parent / parent virus shortcut and change the attributes of foder and files in the flash becomes + h (hidden) + s (system files) and create a link (.lnk) or a shortcut with the name and shape similar to the folders / files that already exist in the flash, the the flash drive is user expectations when the flash drive is plug in another computer AutoPlay feature it is not turned off then indirectly the computer users have made computer driven into the flash autorun virus and if a user opens a clone folders / files that are in the flash drive is so the user actually has run parent / autorun virus genes.
From the description at least we already know some of the things that cause your computer easier to acute autorun virus, why do I say acute? This can not be separated from the number of the flash drive is and computer are considered safe by the owner but when flashdisk plugged into the computer which has a super-capable Antivirus indicated that his FD has brought Worm gene stuck in Autorun.inf. So how we can avoid the maker Malware shortcut?

Well, the following steps must we do to our PC protected from viruses autorun :
1. Do not let your flash drive out into any hole

Hole, I mean in this case is the USB slot or USB port, so pluged in the flash drive in any PC is not good :), at least we ask first when we are going to pluged in the flash drive. Is the computer safe or not? .
2. Turn off AutoPlay feature or support belonging to the windows on the computer or laptop
To turn off this feature please enter the Control Panel, then select the small icons on the menu view by and click AutoPlay. Remove the check or Uncheck the checkbox “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices” then click save.

use the Navigation pane in explorer

 3. Always use the Navigation pane in explorer.
Use the Navigation pane to browse the contents of the drive and folder, it is useful to keep us in the running shortcut autorun virus that resembles a folder.
4. Use antivirus proven reliable and resilient
Use Anti Virus such as Avast (free Avast are always updated or can also Avast Internet Security), KIS (Kaspersky Internet Security), SmadAV, but may also SmadAV sometimes even participate as a shortcut virus spreader when the operating system on the computer has been infected by the autorun virus.
5. Use the additional explorer applications, such as Total Commander. </ p>

Maybe it’s just Tips to Prevent Malware Exposed Shortcut (Shortcut Virus)  for which I use. Next might be discussed how to restore files and folders terhidden by virus shortcut .