Aplikasi SPPD atau Surat Perintah Perjalanan Dinas gratis, si KENCUR berbagi yang boleh dibagi. Bau Kencur, Software, Hardware dan Networking

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Aplikasi SPPD

Aplikasi SPPD Mini

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Ada apa di luar sana ?

Karena anda terlalu sibuk dengan cinta maka lusa ataupun nanti anda akan sibuk bertanya :
Ada apa di luar sana ?
(Tentunya setelah anda tua)

Hidup tidak hanya urusan cinta gaes gaes 

Kepanjangan OPS

Kepanjangan OPS itu :
1. Orang Paling Sukses
2. Orang Paling Sabar
3. Orang Paling Setia
4. Orang Paling Senang
5. Orang Paling Stress

6. Orang Paling Sigap
7. Orang Paling Seneng
8. Orang Paling Sexy
9. Orang Paling Sayang
10. Orang Paling Sial
11. Orang Paling Sibuk
12. Orang Paling Sederhana
13. Orang Paling Sedeng
14. Orang Paling Sedia
15. Orang Paling Sinting
16. Orang Paling Seenaknya
17. Orang Paling Susah
18. Orang Paling Subur
19. Orang Paling Sakit
20. Orang Paling Sengsara
21. Orang Paling Simpel
22. Orang Paling Salah 23. OPerator Sekolah
dan ternyata yang paling benar bagi saya OPS adalah OPERATOR SEKOLAH Orang Paling Simpel Orang Paling Salah :D

How to Clear Out Old Pictures On Your Android

How to Clear Out Old Pictures On Your Android

The majority of people are investing a lot of time clicking pictures on our mobile phones and ipads, meanings that you can rapidly wind up with dozens or perhaps countless photos on your gadget. Trying to keep all of these pictures is not really as simple as catching them in the very first spot. There are a variety of applications and techniques you can apply if you wish to delete older pictures from your Android gadget, even though it’s vital to make certain they’re backed up in other places (if you wish to save them, that is).


Run Android Apps on Your Mac

Run Android Apps on Your Mac
In case that you have ever desired to perform your personal favorite Android apps or games on your iMac, Macintosh Mini or MacBook, we’ve got dependable headlines: you can do it, it is simple, and it will not set you back you a penny. Right here is the best ways to run Android apps on your Mac.

There are numerous methods to perform Android applications on your Mac. You can set up the ARC Welder application in Google Chrome and operate applications inside the browser, even though you can just operate one application each time. You can set up the complimentary Bluestacks app, which imitates an Android phablet and allows you to perform most Android applications inside its Microsoft window. Or you might attempt Andy The Android Emulator, which makes it possible for you to utilize your smartphone as a joystick (through an extra application) while the Android emulator app works on your desktop computer.
The larger screen’s a huge bonus, obviously, yet operating applications on an emulator additionally resolves among the slightly issues of mobile phones: they commonly have relatively restricted storage space. That is not really a problem on a computer system, so you can set up much more applications. You may wish to utilize an emulator to experiment with an application without endangering your daily gadget, or you may simply desire accessibility to an Android application that is not really accessible for your Mac.
Assuming that you have utilized OS emulators prior to you may be questioning functionality: does running Andy slow down the break of your Mac to a crawl? The cheerful response is no: a fast check in Activity Monitor reveals that Andy (and its own VirtualBox engine) operating Clash of Clans uses up simply under 2.5 GB of system memory and around 40 percentage of CPU; idling, it uses up about 6 percentage of CPU and the similar quantity of RAM. Folks come across the strange accident and freeze, yet nothing that a fast Force Quit of the Andy app could not resolve.

Laksana rembulan malam

Laksana rembulan malam
Celapun tiada selama mata diam
Menguning sayu merayu kalbu
Seolah merindu dalam peraduanmu
Harimu adalah malam gelapku
Senyummu adalah tetesan tangisku
Terlena mimpi disetiap malam
Akupun terkubur semakin dalam

Tiada yang salah saat ini
Dan tiada yang benar dalam hal ini
Rembulan bergeser matakupun terpejam
Senyumku semu dan malam tetaplah kelam

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Jempolku saja manis, apalagi jari manis ku

Jempolku saja manis, apalagi jari manis ku


Bukan hal biasa
Bahkan ini kebiasaan
Bisa juga ini hobi saya
Biasa diam bermalas-malasan

Sony Alpha a7 II Review: Best Full-Frame Image Quality

Sony Alpha a7 II Review: Best Full-Frame Image Quality
As a result of qualified smartphones killed off the point-and-shoot industry, digital camera manufacturers have actually focused their time and efforts on attracting hobbyists and expert photographers — those that require or desire more than a smartphone can offer. The Sony Alpha a7 II is an image-stabilized complete frame mirrorless cam, the 4th launch in Sony’s a7 lineup and the follow-up the first a7. The A7 II is essentially a follower to in 2014’s A7, which blew minds by being the very first compatible lens mirrorless cam with a full-frame image sensing unit.

It utilizes the very same 24-megapixel sensor as its precursor, and the very same Bionz X processor as the remainder of the a7 series. The A7 resembled every little thing a great deal of professional photographers desired: it guaranteed to supply full-frame image quality (specifically, much better images in low light and higher control over depth of field) in a bundle that was far more compact than a DSLR. The directions are set out in comparable fashion to the a7, though the grip, command dials and shutter have actually been entirely revamped.
The A7 (and the high-resolution A7R and video-focused A7S that followed later on) discovered a specific niche amongst owners of classic manual lenses searching for a more contemporary body to adjust them to; however, they did not do much to shock the full-frame DSLR world. The body of the a7 II is bodily bigger, and around 25 % much heavier than the initial a7-series cams. This’s a considerable digital camera for dangerous professional photographers, much like in 2014’s design. Sony asserts AF has actually been enhanced about 30 % over its predecessor due to algorithm modify, and monitoring has been strengthened 1.5 x.
In general, the camera system is better and more comfy to hold, however it’s not extremely different from the very first A7. The fantastic aspect of sensor-based IS in a cam like the a7 II is the range of probabilities it opens for third-party, and adjusted lens personals.
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