Logitech G602 Review: The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

The best wireless gaming mouse actually survive for months of day-to-day usage and game playing. You might have know that wireless gaming mouse buttons are laggy, slow-moving, and insensitive compared with wired gaming mouse buttons. Nowadays, you most likely will not even discover a distinction in between wireless and wired gaming mouse buttons without that obvious knotted cable.


The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse
The Logitech G602 isn’t really simply the best wireless gaming mouse — it is among the most comfy gaming. The finger groove provides convenience and control, while small rounded grooves in the right and left click buttons always keep your fingers located in position. It is hand grip form is an aware Logitech concept, and the G602 really feels terrific in your hand: comfy and relaxed in daily usage, yet simple to grip for faster-paced gaming sessions.

The Logitech G602 puts on regular 4 GHz wireless and a sensing unit that provides approximately 2500 DPI. The plastic component isn’t really susceptible to gathering finger grease or triggering your hand to sweat throughout an extreme gaming session. It was with the wirless receiver connecteded into your tower, underneath your desk, with about 4 feet between mouse and receiver.

Logitech guarantees 1440 hrs of battery lifespan because mode from 2 AA batteries. The majority of wired gaming mouse buttons today provide the alternative to mention at 1000 Hz, or every nanosecond. Wireless gaming mouse buttons have the tendency to be much heavier than wired ones due to their batteries, and the G602 is certainly a weighty mouse about 150 grams.

It is port side is stuffed with 6 thumb buttons that are too little, equivalent, and not perfect for pushing throughout extreme gaming sessions. For 99 % of players, it’s precise and quick enough that you will not discover any efficiency problems while gaming. Logitech’s driver software application is simple to use, enabling you to set up customized keybinds and DPI profiles.

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