LG G Flex2 Review: Teriffic Curved & Flexible Smartphone


LG G Flex2 Review: Teriffic Curved & Flexible Smartphone
Now LG’s back for another chance at flexible-phone magnificence. The brand-new LG G Flex2 is smaller sized, sleeker and a damn sight prettier than its predecessor. The LG G Flex2 is LG’s most current versatile flagship, and it enhances on its predecessor in nearly every method that matters. Look past the Flex2’s apparent shape, however, and fans of elegant, subtle design will certainly discover plenty to love. With the exception of the requisite microphone, earphone jack, a micro-USB port down below and a teensy IR blaster up top, the Flex2’s edges are totally empty.

That coiled body has major ramifications for how the LG G Flex2 feels: It curls up to your face more easily than your ordinary candy-bar phone, for one. Among the very best choices LG made this time around was to ditch the G Flex’s 6-inch panel. Instead, a curved, 5.5-inch, 1080p P-OLED screen sits front and center, and– surprise, surprise– it’s a big enhancement over the 2013 design. LG made certain the LG G Flex2 is the sort of phone that turns heads, however the company likewise appeared material to play it safe with the software application.
LG G Flex2 Review: Teriffic Curved & Flexible Smartphone
The other modification ares more basic. Great deals of LG’s little flourishes will certainly look familiar, however peel back the surface area and you’ll see Google’s Android 5.0.1 Lollipop running below. LG didn’t need to do much to clear the initial Flex’s low bar, however the mix of the G3 sensing unit and a high-speed laser autofocus system makes the LG G Flex2 a clear enhancement.
As it ends up, exactly what’s inside the LG G Flex2 is one fiercely contested little bit of silicon. Meet Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810, the 2GHz octa-core chipset that’s been beleaguered for months by reports of getting too hot and production problems. In the meantime, that indicates your only chance at capturing one is importing it from South Korea where it retails for 800,000 Korean won, or just above $720.

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