How To Use WhatsApp in a Web Browser

How To Use WhatsApp in a Web Browser


WhatsApp is now readily available on the web through the Chrome browser, indicating it’s possible to at the same time access your WhatsApp account on your PC, tablet, laptop and phone without a hack. This makes the app feel more personal given that you can just utilize it on your phone. That altered last week when WhatsApp lastly launched WhatsApp Web. To begin utilizing WhatsApp on the web, you require to have the Chrome internet browser and the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry.

1. As pointed out earlier, you’ll have to download Chrome (PC|Mac) and the latest version of WhatsApp. Check out inside Chrome.


2. A QR code will certainly appear onscreen on your PC.

3. There’s a checkbox to keep you signed in so you do not need to scan a new QR code each time you wish to utilize WhatsApp on your PC.

4. Launch WhatsApp on your PC and click the 3 dots on top right to gain access to more options, then select WhatsApp Web.

The user interface will certainly recognize to WhatsApp phone users, however you need to keep in mind that desktop notif are supported, which you might wish to turn off in the settings menu for personal privacy factors if this is a shared PC. WhatsApp Web is restricted to beginning new personal chats so you’ll need to begin a group chat on your phone.
This is a small inconvenience however not an offer breaker. At the top, you’ll see a chat icon where you can bring up a list of your contacts to begin chating with. Your existing chats are noted in the primary menu currently. As on the phone, tapping the three-dot icon raises more options. Select Notifications and afterwards deselect Desktop Alerts and Sounds. Beginning a new conversation is a little various on the desktop. WhatsApp on the web the search function lets you begin new coversations along with filter existing chats.

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