How to Remove Encryption From a PDF File

How to Remove Encryption From a PDF File


How to Remove Encryption From a PDF File – Occasionally a PDF requires file encryption, often it does not. Right here’s how and when you can eliminate unnecessary file encryption. The World Wide Web can be a harmful location, and if you utilize a computer system in your small company, you have to safeguard your delicate information. There are times when a PDF genuinely requires file encryption, for example, if it consists of delicate info and somebody simply emailed it to you (let’s hope they utilized another interaction technique to send you the password).

When on your internal drive, this file must still be secured. If you keep your delicate files in an encrypted container, or if you’ve secured your whole drive, the file’s own integrated file encryption is simply a trouble.
One method to safeguard your information is by encrypting PDF files. If you wish to send out an encrypted PDF file to a staff member, nevertheless, you’ll have to get rid of the file encryption so the staff member can read it. You have to utilize the very same software application you made use of to secure the file, most likely Adobe Acrobat, and you have to know the password. Right here that you’re the genuine recipient of the file, which you currently have the password.



Remove Encryption From a PDF File

Step 1
Launch Adobe Acrobat on your computer system.

Step 2
When prompted, open the secured PDF file and type the password. Acrobat will certainly open the file just after you have actually gotten in the right password.

Step 3
Click “Advanced” at the top of the Acrobat window. Select “Security” and afterwards click “Remove Security.”.


Step 4
Click “Okay” to validate the action and eliminate the file encryption. Depending upon your security settings, Acrobat may prompt for the password once again, if so, enter it and press “OK.”.


Step 5.
Press “Ctrl-S” to save the unencrypted PDF file.

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