F-Secure Anti-Virus 2015 Review, What’s New in 2015

13 Maret 2015 oleh Asep Sudiyono


F-Secure Anti-Virus 2015 Review, What's New in 2015


F-Secure Anti-Virus 2015 Review,


F-Secure Anti-Virus 2015 ($39.99 each year for 3 licenses) concentrates on those 2 main jobs, leaving out the frills and reward functions discovered in some rivals. The 2015 edition’s user interface is flatter, with more of a Windows 8 appearance, however otherwise little has actually altered. The item’s primary window continues to be basic and exceptionally extra. It shows security status and the time of the last upgrade, and provides 2 huge buttons to introduce a scan or open the settings dialog.
New in this edition, the installer likewise provides to allow the F-Secure Search toolbar, and additionally make F-Secure Search your default online search engine, your web page, or both. With a single click, you accept the license terms and introduce the set up procedure. It’s basic and fast. F-Secure runs a fast scan to identify and get rid of active malware that may disrupt the procedure.

When the scan surfaces, it reports the number of files were scanned and the number of viruses, spyware, riskware, and suspicious products it discovered. A complete scan with F-Secure took 17 minutes, well listed below the present average of 26 minutes. A re-scan of the exact same system finished in simply 4 minutes. F-Secure made an Advanced+ score in the easy file detection test by AV-Comparatives, and another Advanced+ in the retrospective test, which tries to imitate zero-day detection by requiring each item to make use of old signatures.
Look in other products if you’re looking for an anti-virus chock complete of benefit functions. If you desire an anti-virus that’s concentrated on the necessary jobs of removing malware problem and keeping out new attacks, F-Secure can do that task. F-Secure Anti-Virus 2015 can be an excellent selection, depending upon your requirements. It made high ratings in hands-on malware blocking tests, and when the company sends it for independent laboratory screening, it ratings well there, too.

How to Remove Encryption From a PDF File

7 Februari 2015 oleh Asep Sudiyono
How to Remove Encryption From a PDF File


How to Remove Encryption From a PDF File – Occasionally a PDF requires file encryption, often it does not. Right here’s how and when you can eliminate unnecessary file encryption. The World Wide Web can be a harmful location, and if you utilize a computer system in your small company, you have to safeguard your delicate information. There are times when a PDF genuinely requires file encryption, for example, if it consists of delicate info and somebody simply emailed it to you (let’s hope they utilized another interaction technique to send you the password).

When on your internal drive, this file must still be secured. If you keep your delicate files in an encrypted container, or if you’ve secured your whole drive, the file’s own integrated file encryption is simply a trouble.
One method to safeguard your information is by encrypting PDF files. If you wish to send out an encrypted PDF file to a staff member, nevertheless, you’ll have to get rid of the file encryption so the staff member can read it. You have to utilize the very same software application you made use of to secure the file, most likely Adobe Acrobat, and you have to know the password. Right here that you’re the genuine recipient of the file, which you currently have the password.



Remove Encryption From a PDF File

Step 1
Launch Adobe Acrobat on your computer system.

Step 2
When prompted, open the secured PDF file and type the password. Acrobat will certainly open the file just after you have actually gotten in the right password.

Step 3
Click “Advanced” at the top of the Acrobat window. Select “Security” and afterwards click “Remove Security.”.


Step 4
Click “Okay” to validate the action and eliminate the file encryption. Depending upon your security settings, Acrobat may prompt for the password once again, if so, enter it and press “OK.”.


Step 5.
Press “Ctrl-S” to save the unencrypted PDF file.

How to Resolve the Shortcut Virus

22 November 2014 oleh Asep Sudiyono
Tips How to Resolve the Shortcut Virus is advanced tips of Tips to Prevent Malware Exposed Shortcut (Shortcut Virus), after we can prevent or at least we have tried to keep the computer / laptop / notebook and our flash drive from infected by Autorun Virus. Remember, prevention is better than cure (the doctor said : D). So what steps should we do if we have a computer and the flash drive is indicated as well as the shortcut virus infection, or in other words how we will treat the Personal Computer a.k. Computer or notebook (laptop) that have been exposed to infectious diseases autorun and has been a member of spreading the virus / malware shortcut?


To overcome the virus shortcut for some people who have advanced IT will be very easy to do, but for us who have not advanced IT then this will be a little tricky, Why like that? only god knows the answer hehehe. As before, tool or application that will be used to eradicate the virus autorun / shortcut to the host / parent is CCleaner Free version, owned by piriform.com, you can get it in https://www.piriform.com/CCLEANER and for antivirus as virus scanners and blockade against shortcut and other viruses that I recommend is Avast Internet Security belongs avast.com.


Once we get the applications, the next step to eradicate the autorun virus on our computer are is:
1. Install Avast Internet Security.
2. Install CCleaner.
3. Run the CCleaner application, go to the Tools tab, select the Startup menu.

Here we should be careful and observant in the search for genes or stem from autorun virus, the name a startup and file names usually memorandum or random unclear. If we can find, then right-click on the startup list and select Open Containing Folder. After explorer open and we find the host file then delete the file using the Shift key and the Delete button (pressed simultaneously). Close the explorer and go back to CCleaner, right-click again on the list of startup which we suspect to be virus host and select Open in RegEdit …, not long after Regedit will open and right click and delete the registry of the startup trigger autorun virus genes and close regedit.
4. Perform Scan using Avast Internet Security for Users directory or folder on your system drive.
To establish please scan the entire drive that is on your computer by using the Boot-time scan. Restart your PC and wait for the scan is in progress.
With these measures will autorun virus can not take place on our PC.


To eradicate the virus autorun on flash drive or flash drive, scan your flash drive using Avast internet security and to restore the folders and files that have hidden We can use Total Commander belongs http://www.ghisler.com/ applications. Open Total Commander, select Configuration, select Options, on the Display menu, please check the Show hidden / sytem files (for experts only), go to the Operation menu select Left mouse button, and then click OK. Navigate Flashdik Total Commander to drive us, then folders and files we will terhidden visible, to restore the file and folder attributes are simply select the folder and the file and click the Files menu and select Change Attributes. After the Change Attributes window opens, check / uncheck Recurse subdirectories, leave it as the attribute a, uncheck / or do not check and make sure the checklist r (read-only) empty colorless, so did the attributes h (hidden) and s (system file), then click OK !. And We will return the files.

How to Prevent Affected by Shortcut Malware (Shortcut Virus)

20 November 2014 oleh Asep Sudiyono
Tips to Prevent Malware Exposed Shortcut (Virus Shortcut)

 Malware Shortcut or partially people say as virus Shortcut  and also there are some people who call him by the name infected by Autorun virus is already a few years into the most successful viruses infect thousands or even millions of people’s flash drive in Indonesia. Not only the flash drive, the virus is actually also aims to infect or transmit the virus to your computer or Personal Computer. Type of infected by Autorun Virus is included into the type of worm or worms.

Virus Shortcut exploit files are quite often used as a trigger autorun windows of plug and play devices are disk Autorun.inf, the Autorun.inf file is deliberately created by Windows (Windows XP or Windows can be 7 or even Windows 8) that has been infected by a virus autorun, autorun virus in addition to the file also create a folder that is usually called “RECYCLER” and fill it with some of the genes worm parent / parent virus shortcut and change the attributes of foder and files in the flash becomes + h (hidden) + s (system files) and create a link (.lnk) or a shortcut with the name and shape similar to the folders / files that already exist in the flash, the the flash drive is user expectations when the flash drive is plug in another computer AutoPlay feature it is not turned off then indirectly the computer users have made computer driven into the flash autorun virus and if a user opens a clone folders / files that are in the flash drive is so the user actually has run parent / autorun virus genes.
From the description at least we already know some of the things that cause your computer easier to acute autorun virus, why do I say acute? This can not be separated from the number of the flash drive is and computer are considered safe by the owner but when flashdisk plugged into the computer which has a super-capable Antivirus indicated that his FD has brought Worm gene stuck in Autorun.inf. So how we can avoid the maker Malware shortcut?

Well, the following steps must we do to our PC protected from viruses autorun :
1. Do not let your flash drive out into any hole

Hole, I mean in this case is the USB slot or USB port, so pluged in the flash drive in any PC is not good :), at least we ask first when we are going to pluged in the flash drive. Is the computer safe or not? .
2. Turn off AutoPlay feature or support belonging to the windows on the computer or laptop
To turn off this feature please enter the Control Panel, then select the small icons on the menu view by and click AutoPlay. Remove the check or Uncheck the checkbox “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices” then click save.

use the Navigation pane in explorer

 3. Always use the Navigation pane in explorer.
Use the Navigation pane to browse the contents of the drive and folder, it is useful to keep us in the running shortcut autorun virus that resembles a folder.
4. Use antivirus proven reliable and resilient
Use Anti Virus such as Avast (free Avast are always updated or can also Avast Internet Security), KIS (Kaspersky Internet Security), SmadAV, but may also SmadAV sometimes even participate as a shortcut virus spreader when the operating system on the computer has been infected by the autorun virus.
5. Use the additional explorer applications, such as Total Commander. </ p>

Maybe it’s just Tips to Prevent Malware Exposed Shortcut (Shortcut Virus)  for which I use. Next might be discussed how to restore files and folders terhidden by virus shortcut .



Tips Mengatasi Virus Shortcut

1 November 2014 oleh Asep Sudiyono

Tips Mengatasi Virus Shortcut merupakan tips lanjutan dari Tips Mencegah Terkena Malware Shortcut (Virus Shortcut), setelah kita dapat mencegah atau setidaknya kita telah berusaha untuk menjauhkan komputer / laptop / notebook dan flashdisk kita agar tidak terjangkit Virus Autorun. Ingat, Pencegahan lebih baik dari pada mengobati (kata dokter :D ). Lalu bagaimana langkah-langkah yang harus kita lakukan apabila komputer dan flashdisk kita telah terindikasi maupun terinfeksi virus shortcut tersebut, atau dengan kata lain bagaimana kita akan mengobati Personal Computer a.k. Komputer or notebook (Laptop) yang sudah terkena penyakit menular autorun ini dan telah menjadi anggota dari penyebar virus / malware shortcut?

Tips Mencegah Terkena Malware Shortcut (Virus Shortcut)

26 Oktober 2014 oleh Asep Sudiyono

Malware Shortcut atau sebagian besar orang mengatakannya sebagai Virus Shortcut dan juga ada sebagian orang yang memanggilnya dengan nama Virus Autorun ini memang sudah beberapa tahun menjadi virus yang paling sukses menginfeksi ribuan atau bahkan jutaan flashdisk milik orang indonesia. Tidak hanya flashdisk, virus ini sebenarnya juga bertujuan menginfeksi atau menularkan virusnya terhadap komputer atau Personal Computer. Jenis dari Virus Autorun ini termasuk kedalam jenis Worm atau cacing.