Run Android Apps on Your Mac

6 Juli 2015 oleh Asep Sudiyono
Run Android Apps on Your Mac
In case that you have ever desired to perform your personal favorite Android apps or games on your iMac, Macintosh Mini or MacBook, we’ve got dependable headlines: you can do it, it is simple, and it will not set you back you a penny. Right here is the best ways to run Android apps on your Mac.

There are numerous methods to perform Android applications on your Mac. You can set up the ARC Welder application in Google Chrome and operate applications inside the browser, even though you can just operate one application each time. You can set up the complimentary Bluestacks app, which imitates an Android phablet and allows you to perform most Android applications inside its Microsoft window. Or you might attempt Andy The Android Emulator, which makes it possible for you to utilize your smartphone as a joystick (through an extra application) while the Android emulator app works on your desktop computer.
The larger screen’s a huge bonus, obviously, yet operating applications on an emulator additionally resolves among the slightly issues of mobile phones: they commonly have relatively restricted storage space. That is not really a problem on a computer system, so you can set up much more applications. You may wish to utilize an emulator to experiment with an application without endangering your daily gadget, or you may simply desire accessibility to an Android application that is not really accessible for your Mac.
Assuming that you have utilized OS emulators prior to you may be questioning functionality: does running Andy slow down the break of your Mac to a crawl? The cheerful response is no: a fast check in Activity Monitor reveals that Andy (and its own VirtualBox engine) operating Clash of Clans uses up simply under 2.5 GB of system memory and around 40 percentage of CPU; idling, it uses up about 6 percentage of CPU and the similar quantity of RAM. Folks come across the strange accident and freeze, yet nothing that a fast Force Quit of the Andy app could not resolve.

Logitech G602 Review: The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

21 Mei 2015 oleh Asep Sudiyono
The best wireless gaming mouse actually survive for months of day-to-day usage and game playing. You might have know that wireless gaming mouse buttons are laggy, slow-moving, and insensitive compared with wired gaming mouse buttons. Nowadays, you most likely will not even discover a distinction in between wireless and wired gaming mouse buttons without that obvious knotted cable.


The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse
The Logitech G602 isn’t really simply the best wireless gaming mouse — it is among the most comfy gaming. The finger groove provides convenience and control, while small rounded grooves in the right and left click buttons always keep your fingers located in position. It is hand grip form is an aware Logitech concept, and the G602 really feels terrific in your hand: comfy and relaxed in daily usage, yet simple to grip for faster-paced gaming sessions.

The Logitech G602 puts on regular 4 GHz wireless and a sensing unit that provides approximately 2500 DPI. The plastic component isn’t really susceptible to gathering finger grease or triggering your hand to sweat throughout an extreme gaming session. It was with the wirless receiver connecteded into your tower, underneath your desk, with about 4 feet between mouse and receiver.

Logitech guarantees 1440 hrs of battery lifespan because mode from 2 AA batteries. The majority of wired gaming mouse buttons today provide the alternative to mention at 1000 Hz, or every nanosecond. Wireless gaming mouse buttons have the tendency to be much heavier than wired ones due to their batteries, and the G602 is certainly a weighty mouse about 150 grams.

It is port side is stuffed with 6 thumb buttons that are too little, equivalent, and not perfect for pushing throughout extreme gaming sessions. For 99 % of players, it’s precise and quick enough that you will not discover any efficiency problems while gaming. Logitech’s driver software application is simple to use, enabling you to set up customized keybinds and DPI profiles.

Apple iMac with Retina 5K display all-in-one PC review: Outstanding Display Technology, Competitive Price

14 Maret 2015 oleh Asep Sudiyono


Apple iMac with Retina 5K display all-in-one PC review: Outstanding Display Technology, Competitive Price
Apple’s newest iMac incorporates an exceptional 5K display with boosted efficiency to supply an outstanding all-in-one workstation for video and graphics applications likewise with a new choice for an ultra-high resolution display screen, 4 times that of earlier 27in designs, and 16 times the origal 720p HD format.

Apple’s most current iMac attracts attention for a variety of factors, however the majority of apparent of all is its remarkable 27in 5K display. With a screen 5120 pixels wide and 2880 pixels high, it provides the highest resolution of any display screen presently offered and this function alone makes the US$ 2.499,00 price appear more than affordable.
Internal upgrade options are limited, however the price is presently unrivaled by any of Apple’s competitors. Innovative users in fields such as design and photography have actually typically been Apple’s many faithful consumers, however recently the company has actually been implicated of neglecting its expert clients as it concentrated on customer items such as the iPhone and iPad.
  •  Apple iMac with Retina 5K display all-in-one PC review 
    The Retina display is not just surprisingly sharp however it likewise provides exceptional colour, being the only display in this round-up able to totally show all the colours in the sRGB gamut. Naturally you get a lot more than simply an advanced Retina display with the new iMac all-in-one PC. Being an Apple item the construct quality and ergonomics are second-to-none: it’s extremely well made and virtually impossibly slim. In the beginning look, the new iMac looks identical to its predecessors, with a classy all-in-one desktop design and a slimline 27-inch display that tapers to simply 5mm around the edges.



  • More Outstanding Display Technology and Competitive Price
    The system has OS X Yosemite set up, in addition to a huge choice of bundled software application you’ll just receive from Apple, consisting of Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X and Aperture. By default, the iMac’s 5K display screen is set to ‘appear like’ the 2,560-by-1,440 resolution of the conventional 27-inch iMac, so existing iMac users will not discover any distinction in the display screen unless they opt to change to a various scaling setting.

    A new primary processor powers the iMac with Retina display, a quad-core Intel Core i5, and this can likewise be set up if needed with an Intel Core i7 going for 4.0 GHz. As basic you get 8 GB of system memory, which can be user change approximately 32 GB. The new iMac’s impressive 5K display and enhanced graphics efficiency will definitely provide an appealing upgrade for Apple’s imaginative users, and might well undercut sales of the more pricey Mac Pro. 

Use Your Android Phone or Tablet as PC Speakers Using Soundwire

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Use Your Android Phone or Tablet as PC Speakers Using Soundwire
Whether you wish to use an old gadget or your existing one has fantastic speakers, you can play audio from your computer or laptop through your Android smartphone or tablet. It’s relatively simple to establish, does not need any cable and you do not even require the current version of Android for it to work. Whether its from Spotify, iTunes, Windows Media Player elsewhere. There are a couple of apps which bring this performance consisting of Airfoil Speakers and WiFi Speaker however we’re going to concentrate on SoundWire.
The totally free version of the application recognizes itself by voice every 45 minutes and screens ads. There is a 10 minute compression trial in the complimentary version. The complete version allows endless

Opus audio compression, can deal with numerous clients (as much as 10 connections), and has no advertisements or voice recognition. It likewise has an unique Pro Mode to set and show buffer latency specifically in milliseconds.

Step One
Download and set up SoundWire on your computer (Windows, Linux or Raspberry Pi) or Android gadget.
Step Two
Run both the app and the desktop server and they need to instantly link. For Wi-Fi, the two have to be on the exact same network.
Step Three
Within the SoundWire Server on your computer and choose the audio source. For Windows 7/8 the ‘default multimedia gadget’ must be great while XP users need to choose ‘stereo mix’, ‘wave out mix’ or ‘exactly what u hear’. Linux users ought to follow the guidelines in the README file.
Step Four
Start playing the music or audio you wish to hear through your Android gadget’s speakers. Your computer system can be silenced and you can change the volume level with the master control within the SoundWire Server.

How Memory Optimizers Work, Increase Your Computer’s Performance

12 Maret 2015 oleh Asep Sudiyono


How Memory Optimizers Work,    Increase Your Computer’s Performance


How Memory Optimizers Work
Numerous company wish to offer you “memory optimizers,” typically as part of “computer optimization” programs. These programs are even worse than ineffective, not just will they not accelerate your computer system, they’ll slow it down. You’ll see your computer system’s RAM usage go down when you utilize a memory optimizer. This might appear like a simple victory, you’ve lowered RAM usage simply be pushing a button. It’s not that basic.

 How Memory Optimizers Work – Memory optimizers really work in one of 2 methods:
  • They call the EmptyWorkingSet Windows API function, requiring running applications to compose their working memory to the Windows page file. 
  • They swiftly assign a huge quantity of memory to themselves, requiring Windows to compose and dispose of cached information application data to the page file. They then deallocate the memory, leaving it empty.
Both of these techniques will certainly certainly liberate RAM, making it empty. All this does is sluggish things down, now the applications you utilize will certainly have to get the information they require from the page file, checking out from the tough drive and taking longer to work.
Any memory being made use of for cache might be disposed of, so Windows will certainly need to get the information it requires from the hard disk. Simply puts, these programs liberate quick memory by requiring information you require onto slower memory, where it will certainly need to be returned to quick memory once again. This makes no sense!
All it achieves is offering you another system optimization program you do not require. Attempt purchasing some more RAM if you do require more RAM for exactly what you do. RAM is quite inexpensive and it’s not too difficult to install it yourself utilizing among the RAM setting up guides offered online. Simply guarantee you purchase the right kind of RAM for your computer system.

How to Secure Move Disks to Another Computer

12 Maret 2015 oleh Asep Sudiyono


How to Secure Move Disks to Another Computer

All being well, you need to have the ability to import the disk and its contents without problems. To maximise the possibilities of a hassle-free import, it’s finest to uninstall the disk cleanly from Windows on the old computer system. Do not be in a position to do this as you state the initial PC not works, however if you’re able to get it to boot at all, it’s finest to confirm the health of the disk prior to moving it.

Safely import a dynamic disk and its data to a new PC or laptop:
1.   Open Computer Management, then Disk Management from inside the Administrative Tools area of the Control Panel.
2.    Check the status of the disk and see to it it’s revealed as ‘Healthy’.
3.    If not, repair the disk.
4.   Now, from inside Disk Management, right-click on the disk you wish to choose and uninstall Remove Disk.
5.   Ensure all associated disks are moved at the very same time, as dinamic disks are frequently part of a multi-disk set utilized for raid or extending functions.
6.    You will not have the ability to move simply one disk from such a set and bring it online on your new PC.

When you plug the disk or disks into the new computer system, it will ideally activate the ‘Found New Hardware’ dialog box to appear. Follow any directions that are revealed. Other, go again to Disk Management. Click the Action menu at the top and choose Rescan Disks. Your new disk will most likely appear noticeable as Foreign. Right-click it and choose Import Foreign Disks. This must effectively install the disk in your new PC, together with the information kept on it. Disk Management will certainly notify you of the most likely result prior to you try to import it if problems are experienced with your disk.

How to use your PC keyboard with your smartphone or tablet

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How to use your PC keyboard with your smartphone or tablet

Can you make use of a PC Bluetooth key-board on an Android smartphone or tablet? Yes you can link a key-board to your Android smartphone or tablet. Need to you want to you might hook up a mouse or even a joystick. You can connect any such input gadgets to Android through Bluetooth, then utilize them simply as you would with a PC. If your Bluetooth key-board needs a certain USB dongle, the only exception to this is. If that holds true, and your Android does not have a USB port, you might have to buy a different USB adaptor (or just think of buying a new key-board).

Here we show you how to use a Bluetooth keyboard with Android:
                    First activate Bluetooth (you do this by opening the Settings application, then going to Wireless & Networks).
                    Now you have to match your Android with your Bluetooth key-board.
                    Touch into Bluetooth to access the Bluetooth Settings.
                    Now activate your Bluetooth key-board.
                    Then go back to your Android and hit ‘Search for gadgets’.
                    Your Android will certainly try to find the key-board.
                    When the key-board appears in the list of gadgets with which you can combine, click it.
                    Depending on how your key-board gadget works you will most likely need to type something in to your key-board, as determined on your Android.
                    Ours needed us to key in a numerical code and hit Return.
As soon as your key-board is paired you will certainly see it appear in the paired gadgets list. Now you can utilize your Bluetooth key-board to enter any application that enables text input. Bear in mind to switch off Bluetooth when you’re not utilizing it, or you’ll discover your battery takes a whipping.

How to Optimize the Performance of Personal Computers

18 November 2014 oleh Asep Sudiyono
Speed Up Your PC, Optimize Performance Personal Computer or PC
Speed Up Your PC, Optimize Performance PC
How to Optimize Performance of Personal Computers. Advances in technology is something that will happen any time. It has become commonplace or not foreign to the human race. For example, technological advances have occurred in the computer world in general and the Personal Computer or PC in particular. Of the human era using the abacus as a tool to count, to super small calculator that can calculate the sum, addition, division and multiplication. That is one example of the growing technological advances that allow there will be a super-sophisticated calculators that can be integrated directly into the human mind or brain. Once we fantasize high enough that it feels will be contrary to the ability of our PC Computer or mediocre,

coupled with our habit of carelessly in store files and then performance and capabilities of our computers become increasingly slowed down, boot or boot windows system information when turned on slow or even windows on our computer virus. Well this time I will share how we can optimize the performance of our computers, especially computer or a PC running the Windows operating system (Windows XP and Windows 7 / Seven).

reduce the startup programs or applications that come directly executed when the computer is turned on
 1. Optimize Booting Windows on the computer when we turned
To optimize the speed of the computer at boot time or when the computer is turned on you can just starting to do with reducing the startup programs or applications that come directly executed when the computer is turned on. To do this you can use a software called CCleaner. Open CCleaner program, go to the tab or the Tools section, select the Startup tab and select the Windows tab and note any programs or applications that include application startup. Please select one of the applications that you think are less important, and then click Disable. To try feel the results please restart your computer.


2. Disable display Desktop gadgets and Icon on the desktop (on Windows 7)
I think this would be useful in readiness computer when a new entry into the display windows at the moment after the boot process. By not displaying Desktop gadgets and Desktop Icon on your desktop then this will cut a few seconds. To Disable Desktop gadgets and Icon display on the desktop you can do with a right click on the desktop and navigate to the menu view.


3. Set Performance Options
In this step we have to choose, what would we optimize on the computer or PC. If we choose the best Adjust the Appearance then we optimize our PC to hight graphic view or call Best Looking, If we select Adjust bes Performance then we choose the option that optimize the performance of your computer at any speed regardless best looking, and the Custom option then we can choose and any sort of visual effect option we will use any funds that effect would not be used. Of course it all can not be separated from the specification or capability hardware that installed on our computer.
To setup the performance on Windows 7 startmenu click, right click on Computer, select Properties, then click on Advanced System Settings, in part anvanced and groupbox Performance click the Settings button.


Try to put the files in a folder in the hard disk drive
 4. Try to put the files in a folder in the hard disk drive.
For this fourth step can accelerate the performance of Explorer or My Computer (on win xp) and the Computer menu in Windows 7 in the opening drive, for example, open the D drive on the hard drive in your PC. Why this may affect the speed performance of the Explorer? yes of course it affects the indexing process when we open the file in Explorer, the more files that are specified directly on the drive, then this will slow down the speed of the explorer at the time on the run. After I observed the C drive in Windows 7 (the drive that is used to install the operating system Windows 7), the drive is almost all of the files are in a directory or folder, and when we opened the Explorer then directed to the C drive then it will feel faster than we open another drive.


 5. Use CCleaner and clean the Temporary files or files contained in the Recycle bin.
Run CCleaner, Choose Clean menu, then click the Analyze button, after the analysis is completed, please click the Run Cleaner button.

 6. Use CCleaner to clean the registry that are not used.

Run CCleaner, Select Registry menu, then click Scan for Issues, after the scan is complete, please click the Fix Selected Issues, there is a dialog asking Jiks Backup your registry can choose yes to backup and select no to directly run the Fix.


Surely all back again to the hardware that installed on your PC. May be useful.