How to fix Samsung Galaxy S4 problems: Battery Drains Quickly

10 Mei 2015 oleh Asep Sudiyono
There are many troubles that crop up time and time repeatedly; the good news is, numerous of these troubles can be quite quickly repaired. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is among the most popular Android phones ever produced. The worldwide popularity of the smartphone does not suggest that it is entirely totally free from troubles. Continue reading to find simple and fast repairs for Samsung Galaxy S4 issues and options to typical concerns from random restarts to battery and speed troubles.


In case you get that your S4 is simply not holding its charge for as long as it operated to, it is potential that there is a trouble with your battery; however, it is most likely that applications are to criticize. Not making it through the day on a particular charge is one thing that comes to numerous smartphones with age.

You can check out which of the applications you have actually set up accountable for penetrating your battery by opening Settings. Tap more followed by Battery and you will certainly view a chart that shows how your battery has actually been draining, along with information which applications are the offenders.

If you find applications there that you are not utilizing anymore, you can just uninstall them, however it might likewise be an indicator that you have to take note to by hand terminate specific applications when you stop utilizing them. Assuming that you tap this you will certainly be able to find simply how long your screen has actually been on while your smartphone has actually been open.

Longer battery life can as well be accomplished by allowing Power Saving Mode. Go to the My Device page of Settings and you can activate the function that will certainly restrict processor speed, switch off haptic feedback and instantly change screen brightness.

Best iPhone 6 Battery Cases – Style and Protection

14 Maret 2015 oleh Asep Sudiyono


Best iPhone 6 Battery Cases - Style and Protection
External batteries are convenient, however battery cases incorporate an additional cell into a safety shell, offering you simply the one gizmo to stress over. And given that endurance has actually been an iPhone issue considering that the first day, there are now reams of battery cases out there. There are lots of different kinds of battery cases with advanced innovation and high quality functions. Every one of them has their own energy. Battery cases are widely required due only to their rich flexibility of offering security, much-needed power, appealing business to iPhone and a lot more. Right here are 5 best iPhone 6 battery cases:

11    Body Glove ShockSuit Case
The ShockSuit is available in 2 functions and parts complete defense for every single angle of your iPhone 6. It has port covers, button covers, and an integrated screen protector. The corners are greatly enhanced to take the sting out of any effect and it fulfills the current 810G military drop requirement.
22      EasyAcc 3100mAh
The iPhone 6 one gets you a 3100mAh system that need to a minimum of double your phone’s endurance. EasyAcc makes some excellent lower-cost designs for the whole iPhone variety if you do not desire to invest too much on a battery case.
33     Otterbox Resurgence
It provides military-grade drop defense, which a less expensive battery case would not even check for. It recovers some points with battery intelligence, however — it stops charging when the phone’s battery is complete instead of drip charging, conserving power. You charge its battery with a microUSB cable.
44      SAVFY Backup Battery Case


The SAVFY case gets you enormous 3200mAh battery ability for a remarkably low cost. Well it is a spending plan device and does de-class your iPhone 6 a bit, even if it is extremely helpful.
55      Mophie Battery Case
Mophie has actually had 2 brand-new iPhone 6 battery case-Juice Pack Air/ Juice Pack Plus. When you desire to charge your gadget or let you maintain battery, the battery case showcases an incorporated standby which enables you to select. The LED display screens the battery level.