Android M Feature Spotlight – Will Android M Fix the Problem of Lollipop

Android Lollipop marked a huge shift in design and discussion for the Android OS, and in addition to this shift came lots of issues that make the os best for some, however almost unusable for others. Lollipop has actually assisted make Android probably the best-looking and most instinctive OS out there. With the smoke now clear after the buzz of Google I/O 2015 and the Android ‘M’ statement, we take a look at Google’s centerpieces for Android M, and whether it’ll take care of all the important things we truly disliked about its predecessor.

It’s likewise flawed in major methods, leaving its successor, Android M, with a lot of cleaning up to do. Google has actually exposed much less with Android M, and definitely absolutely nothing as ‘advanced’. Google’s method to revealing M was really revealing about exactly what will certainly be the focal point of the upgrade. This, nevertheless, recommends that the majority of the deal with the OS is going to take place ‘under the hood’.
Of course, there were a couple of use flourishes occasionally, such as the brand-new app drawer (which you can likewise now set up for Android Lollipop), Android Pay and USB Type C support, however these are fairly little things compared with those revealed for Lollipop in last year. Even the enhancements revealed by Google, nevertheless, will certainly do little to comfort individuals whose phones have actually been left maimed by the Lollipop upgrade.
The absence of discoveries for Android M recommends to me that Google is concentrating on the things that do not make for enticing statements, yet are vital for the OS. Naturally, Google didn’t have the humbleness to acknowledge at I/O 2015 that the Lollipop upgrade was – and remains to be – a mess for numerous users, with continuing reports of battery drains, crashes, and glitching on numerous gadgets.

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