25 Mei 2010 oleh Asep Sudiyono

CHMOD is a command to set the permissions of files and folders on Linux, but there is nothing wrong if I want to use the CHMOD as the name of my website. Easy to remember, short and simple and easier to type in the address bar.

Not because I’m adept using linux, but when I call this web with CHMOD so that we always remember that the great free operating system and safest operating system is Linux.

I was very impressed when I read “Learning While Sharing” (stereobk.com), and also even more impressed when it was added to “Learn While Practicing”.

Translated from Indonesian to English with Translate.google.com.

* Setelah sekian lama menggunakan domain co cc akhirnya chmod.co.cc mengganti dirinya menggunakan kencur.net dan judul blog juga berubah menjadi Mixed Info serta domain kencur.net.
* Mixed Info berganti si Kencur.


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